Tone2 Releases Warmverb – Multi-Effect Reverb Plug-In For Windows

Tone2 has released Warmverb, a modular multi-effect plug-in for Windows with routable modules and 33 types of effects. Tone2 asks: “Do you want to route a reverb through a flanger and use an LFO to high pass filter your sound back into a vocoder?” Warmverb gives you the flexibility to program and combine effect chains using high quality effects and up to four effects per multi-effect program. A separate feedback module uses the output of the four effect modules and routes the signal back into the input to create extensive feedback effects.

» High-end quality reverb algorithms
» 150 professional factory sounds
» 35 different effect modules
» Modular design
» Feedback module
» Real stereo architecture
» Smart sleep: Low CPU mode
» 8x oversampling
» Anti-aliasing
» 64 bit processing
» 22-192 kHz sample rate supported

Equipped with the same reverb technology found in their Gladiator synthesizer, Warmverb contains an easy to use graphical user interface, an intelligent ‘Randomize’ button and 150 presets giving you instant access to vocoders, pitch shifters, distortion, modulators and a large selection of essential effects.

» 3 high-end quality Reverbs
» Vocoder and Vocoder L-R
» Delay, Ping pong delay, Filtered Ping pong delay
» Chorus, Ensemble
» Flanger, Stereo Flanger
» Superstrings
» Phaser, Stereo phaser
» Low pass, Band pass and High pass (with LFO)
» Talkbox
» Tubeamp, Transistor, Presence and Hardclip distortion
» Bitcrush, Waveshape
» Rotary
» Dolby Prologic II compatible surround encoding
» Tremelo
» Autopanning
» Stereo enhancing
» Stereoizer
» Equalizer
» Ringmod
» Pitch shifter
» Feedback module

Tone2’s Warmverb costs $79 / €59 and is available now. More information on Tone2 Warmverb.

Author: FutureMusic

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