ProjectSAM Announces Symphobia Orchestral Sample Library

ProjectSAM has announced Symphobia, a Native Instruments Kontakt Player 2-based orchestral sample library with specialized effects.

ProjectSAM was developed by recording true ensemble recordings, creating multi-samples and applying cinematic effects, all with a selection of combinations and articulations.

» Live recordings of orchestral full-ensemble multi-samples captured in a concert hall environment
» Vast library of orchestral clusters, rips and other cinematic effects
» Additional cinematic content including Dystopia II and ethnic flute phrases
» Two mic sets available: Concert Stage and Close mic
» Orchestral sections recorded as full-range ensembles, pre-seated on the stage
» Custom Kontakt scripting and interface offering repetition, simulated legato, octaver and more
» Approx. 18 GB library pool in 24-bit / 44.1 kHz
» NI Kontakt Player 2 included
» Mapping/programming unlocked, audio/scripting locked.
» Concept of Symphobia
» Cinematic Ensembles

ProjectSAM claims Symphobia is not your traditional orchestral sample library. Instead of focusing on individual instrument multi-samples, Symphobia offers ensemble multi-samples with a selection of orchestrations and articulations. These playable ensembles cover all of the sections from the orchestra, as well as the entire orchestra playing together. The reason is simple: the real thing sounds so much better. A staccato note played by violins, violas, horns and trumpets, together, correctly seated at the concert stage, will sound much more cohesive than a mixture of individual sample recordings of these four instrument sections. This makes Symphobia the ideal tool for creating big orchestral arrangements and orchestrations. In addition, a number of individual instrument articulations are available, such as violin section flageolets and horn section marcatos.

Cinematic Effects

The ensemble sounds make up about half of Symphobia. The other half is all about cinematic effects: performances that cannot be recreated using individual multi-samples. Like the ensemble performances, the effects are available in different orchestrations, played by different sections throughout the orchestra. You will find violin glissandi, as well as full orchestra rips and stabs. Every effect is available in a number of variations or articulations.

ProjectSAM’s Symphobia will be available sometime during August 2008 and cost $1499 / €999. However, they are offering a special pre-order price of $1349 / €899. More information on ProjectSAM Symphobia.

Author: FutureMusic

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