Make Music Announces Finale 2009

MakeMusic has announced Finale 2009, the next major version of the music notation software for Windows and Mac OS X.

Finale 2009 includes major workflow improvements plus full VST and AU plug-in support. The Garritan Aria Player is also included free and is fully integrated into Finale 2009.

» Streamlined workflow:
The creation, entry, moving, and editing of dynamics, tempo indications, and other text and markings has been reinvented and streamlined.
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» Expanded SmartMusic support:
Finale 2009 makes it easier and faster to create assessable SmartMusic accompaniments with support for linked parts, repeats, and more.
» Garritan sounds:
Finale now includes more than 300 world-class instrument sounds from the makers of Garritan Personal Orchestra. Free new sounds include baritone saxophone, vintage electric piano, electric guitar, handbells, and more.
» Tapspace Virtual Drumline sounds:
Finale also includes more than 100 instrument sounds from Tapspace Virtual Drumline, the world’s most powerful marching and concert percussion software instrument featuring the world-champion Santa Clara Vanguard percussion section.
» Aria Player: the next generation:
The Garritan Aria Player is included free and is fully integrated into Finale 2009. The level of custom integration is unsurpassed and offers superior sound, more control, and a vastly improved user playback experience.
» Multiple page editing:
Now you can simultaneously view and edit as many pages as you choose to view on your monitor.
» Full VST/AU instrument support:
Finale is now compatible with all VST/AU instruments, providing users with unlimited sonic possibilities. Plus you can now specify which VST/AU plug-ins load, eliminating conflicts and assisting troubleshooting. Finale also checks plug-ins for compatibility before loading, and tracks which plug-ins were previously checked for better performance.
» Other Improvements:
More Improvements to engraver slurs, Human Playback enhancements, FinaleScript 2.0 and updates to MusicXML. Windows users can also benefit from ASIO support which provides more accurate playback, reduced latency, and increased compatibility with a wider variety of sound cards.

Make Music’s Finale 2009 will be available on July 21st for $600. More information on Make Music’s Finale 2009.

Author: FutureMusic

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