Musicrow Releases Golden Ensembles 2 – Ensembles For Native Instruments’ Reaktor 5

Musicrow has released Golden Ensembles 2, a massive collection of 38 cutting-edge ensembles for Native Instruments’ Reaktor 5. The hundreds of presets include synthesizers, effects and creative sound processors.

The Golden Ensembles 2 pack includes the new mega-synth Cobra, along with other impressive synthesizers and instruments such as Orpheus 2, Oberline, Piano Magic, Trancoid and more. In addition, it contains vintage processor emulators like Vintage Chorus and Plate Reverb, and unique sound design tools such as Executer or White FX.

Golden Ensembles 2 Ensembles:
» Synthesizers: Cobra, Orpheus, Oberline, Bass Lab, Trancoid, CX, and Blue Crow
» Other Instruments: Piano Magic, Theremin, Brass Machine, Future Bass, Accordion, and Vinyl
» Sound Generators: Chaos
» Classics Processors: Plate Reverb, Tape Echo, Osmosis Filter, Green Tape, Tube Compressor, Vintage Chorus, Mood Filter, Ultraverb, Ultra Chorus, Tape Flanger, Preamp Emulator, Ultra Phaser, DX3, Graphic Equalizer, and Tremolo
» Sound Design Tools: Executer, Magician, White FX, GrainD lay, Electroverb, Drive, Space Boy, Golden Delay and Vocal Modeler

Musicrow’s Golden Ensembles 2 is available now $159 / €119. More information on Musicrow Golden Ensembles 2.

Author: FutureMusic

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