Best Service Premiers Convolution Space – Convolution Technology Sample Library

Best Service has premiered Convolution Space, a 8.5GB sample library of ambient oriented Stereo and 5.1 Surround textures for Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player. Best claims that they’re the first company to employ this convolution technology, which allows the 625 instruments to combine and explore textures endlessly through Convolution Based Spectral Recombination.

How does Convolution Space tweaking work? Select an instrument, play it on your keyboard and tweak the ModWheel – and the texture you’re playing suddenly starts transforming into something completely different.

Convolution Space Action:
» Abstract: Metaphysical and esoteric sounds that really fits no other description.
» Emotional: The beautiful, sad and ecstatic. Simply sounds that evoke emotion – mostly positive.
» Fantasy: Magical and otherworldly, these are sounds for your imagination.
» Mental: Sounds of the states of mind, ranging all the way from psychotic to the spiritual and psychedelic.
» Scary: Sinister and malice, all for your horror soundtrack. This is not for the faint of heart.
» SciFi: For the future and all of it’s technology – and your high concept soundscape.
» Underground: dark and devoid of hope, these sound vibrate only downwards.
» Deep & Rumble: Earth-shattering and relentless in the one pursue of deeper realms.
» Structures: The eerie and strange; these are places you normally avoid.
» Technology: The imaginary sounds of communicating CPUs, searchlights and future machines

The descriptions alone certainly sound promising, especially “Mental”

Best Service’s Convolution Space costs £159 / €199 and is available for Windows and Mac OS X in the VST, AU, RTAS flavors. More information on Best Service Convolution Space.

Author: FutureMusic

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