Ask Video Announces Sonar 7 Tutorial DVD

ASK Video Interactive Media has announced a Sonar 7 video tutorial. In this first of three planned DVDs, audio engineer and musician Mike Baggley guides users through more than 30 high-quality videos, detailing everything from basic setup to audio and MIDI recording, editing, mixing and more.

Great for users of Sonar Producer Edition or Studio Edition, the DVD begins with introductory topics such as First Run, Audio and MIDI Setup, New Project, and chapters dedicated to getting around Sonar 7; Tracks, Transport, Toolbars, and Metronome. The middle chapters are devoted to “heavy-lifting” subjects such as Recording Audio, Recording Modes, Recording MIDI and Looping. The last third of the DVD are vides that cover Editing Audio, Editing MIDI, Layers, and Mixing, followed by Key Commands, The Navigator View, Folders, The Track Manager and Inspector, and Managing Audio

Ask Video’s Sonar 7 Tutorial DVD for Mac OSX and Windows Vista will be available on July 14 for $49.99. More information on the Ask Video Sonar 7 Tutorial DVD.

Author: FutureMusic

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