Weekend Fun: Photo Hacking

Julius von Bismarck, a German artist, had invented a special gizmo that allows him to hack tourist’s photo’s in his home town of Berlin. He dubs the device a Image Fulgurator. We didn’t know either… But according to dictionary.com to fulgurate means: “to destroy by electricity.”

While von Bismarck is certainly not destroying tourist photos, he is hacking them with encrypted messages that baffle the image takers when they review their photos – as the video below demonstrates. Retooled from a 35mm film camera and a flash, it quickly projects an image onto a subject of a tourist’s admiration when it senses the flash of their camera. von Bismarck calls it a “reactive flash image-projector” – we call it awesome!

von Bismarck revealed on his website that he built the Image Fulgurator “to challenge the high confidence that people have that their photos are accurate captures of reality.” While that may have been his initial motivation, we can’t help to think that his hijinks have also provided him with much amusement.

More information on Julius von Bismarck’s Image Fulgurator.

Author: FutureMusic

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