Edirol Premiers UA-25EX Audio / MIDI Interface

Edirol has premiered the UA-25EX, a 24bit/96kHz USB audio interface equipped with microphone preamps, an analog compressor/limiter, and ground-lift functionality for studio and stage.

» 24bit/96kHz performance with mic preamps
» Onboard analog compressor/limiter with variable attack times and threshold control
» USB bus powered, wide-range power supply
» Two mic preamps and XLR/TRS combo jacks with 48V phantom power
» Hi-Z port for guitar-direct connection
» S/PDIF optical I/O
» MIDI in/out
» Ground lift for studio and live stage use
» Bundled with Production Plus Pack from Cakewalk

The Edirol UA-25EX features a pair of Neutrik XLR/TRS combo jacks with 48V phantom power, Hi-Z port for guitar direct connection, S/PDIF optical I/O ports, MIDI IN/OUT ports, and an aluminum chassis.

The EDIROL UA-25EX also contains a compressor with variable attack times and threshold control for recording vocals or instruments, and the accompanying limiter prevents clipping noise from occurring. Should a ground loop noise occur, the new ground lift switch eliminates the noise by disconnecting the sleeve pin of the master output from the earth ground.

The bundled CD-ROM includes the latest WDM and ASIO 2.0 drivers for Windows XP and Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available), CoreAudio (universal binary) drivers for Mac OSX, and Cakewalk’s Production Plus Pack, consisting of SONAR LE, Project5 LE, and Dimension LE.

No pricing or availability has been officially announced. More information on the Edirol UA-25EX.

Author: FutureMusic

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