Judge Finalizes Andersen Lawyer Fees – RIAA Must Pay $107,834

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is now obligated to pay Tanya Andersen’s legal fees in her successful defense of the file-swapping case. This is the final hurdle in Andersen’s protracted battle with the RIAA. (See Judge Recommends RIAA To Pay $107,834 Reimbursement For Andersen’s Legal Fees –Ed.)

The final court order by Senior US District Court judge James A. Redden dismissed the RIAA’s objections and granted legal fees totaling $107,834 to defendant Tanya Andersen (Atlantic v. Andersen). The legal obligation is now the largest attorneys fee award against the RIAA to date surpassing the Capitol v. Foster award of $68,685.

The Future: The ability for lawyers to successfully be reimbursed for legal fees in copyright infringement cases may make more attorneys more willing to challenge the RIAA.

Author: FutureMusic

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