Amazon Brings ‘Gold Box’ Sales Initiative To Online Music Store

In an effort to promote their MP3 Download store, Amazon has developed two initiatives for MP3 album downloads.

The Friday Fives promotion will discount five select titles to $5 per album. Amazon will then experiment on various price points for other albums, some will be reduced to as low as 99-cents, which has been dubbed Russian Pricing based on the now-defunct AllOfMP3 model. That is part of a fresh sales experiment, one that complements already-discounted tags on a number of albums.

The second part of the promotion features specialty pricing on selected titles, often to bargain bin levels. For example, Coldplay’s X&Y recently dropped to $1.99. This new strategy, developed to build some excitement to downloaded music in the same manner the Gold Box brought to general junk merchandise, will complement their already-discounted tags on a number of albums.

Author: FutureMusic

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