iKlax Media Announces Web 2.0 Interactive Multitrack Music Platform

iKlax Media, concern from France, has announced what they’re claiming is the “first Interactive Multitrack Music Platform.” What exactly is a multitrack music platform, you ask?
Well, iKlax believes that it contains enough advanced functionalities to allow every artist to create a new music listening experience within limits established by himself. Still foggy? You’re not alone…

“As a musician myself, knowing artists concerns, I have aspired to a fully flexible area for every artist, where proximity and immediate interactivity with the user is favoured”, explains Owen Lagadec. Sorry Owen, but that doesn’t quite pinpoint what you’re doing either…

Similarly to aggregators, the artist space is built using blocks that he organises as he sees fit. Albums, tunes, videos and message wall are some elements the artist can add with a simple click. Moreover, the system remains open and allows third party developers to add functionalities to enhance and add to existing features.

To celebrate the launch of the platform on June 16th, iKlax has developed some sort of online contest. Registering and participation is reportedly free. iKlax claims that they will be giving away a €5,000 prize to the band or artist who has received the most ratings for one given track in the final sometime in October.

Open to all artists and completely free, iKlax will allow all creatives to spread their music in iKlax format and exchange with their community. Although convoluted, some of the ideas that iKlax are interesting and we’ll try and follow up on their development in the future.

More information on iKlak.

Author: FutureMusic

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