Ask Video Announces Logic Pro 8 Tutorial DVD Level 1

Ask Video has announced a new 4-part tutorial DVD series for Logic Pro 8 music production software.

In Level 1 of this 4-part series, musician and Apple expert Tony Wallace returns to provide all the knowledge needed to start using Logic. Everything from basic setup to editing and looping regions is covered, giving newcomers a great starting point. Long time Logic users will find this DVD perfect for quickly learning any layout changes and where all of their favorite features have been moved to.

Logic Pro 8 Level one contains over 3 and a half hours of high quality video, divided into 30 chapters in an easy-to-follow user interface. ASK Video’s innovative interface makes it easy to watch and learn straight through as well as finding specific topics when using the DVD as a reference.

Wallace provides the basics in Level 1 beginning with chapters on setting up Logic 8 and providing a tour through the programs layout. The middle chapters focus on recording MIDI and audio before moving on to editing, looping, and arranging in the later chapters. Upon completion of the Level 1 DVD, users can continue on to intermediate concepts with Level 2, also due out this summer.

Ask Video’s Logic Pro 8 Tutorial DVD Level 1 will be available June 13, 2008 for $49.99. More information on Ask Video Logic Pro 8 Tutorial DVD Level 1.

Author: FutureMusic

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