Puremagnetik Releases Model-C & Amplifier Effect Micropaks

Puremagnetik has released Clavinet and Amplifier Effect Micropaks for Ableton Live 7. AmpPak is a collection of 17 amplifier and speaker effects designed for use on anything from drums, to guitars, to vocals and synthesizers. Each rack contains an expertly programmed selection of effects from overdriven metal to crunchy glitch percussion processors. AmpPak integrates directly into Ableton Live 7 and extensively utilizes Ableton Live Racks.

Model-C for Ableton Live 7, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand is a multi-sampled Hohner Clavinet. Model-C comes with multi-pickup selection and mechanical noise sample groups. The Ableton Live version contains a feature laden user interface complete with key release samples, customized amp and tonal controls. The Kontakt version of Model-C is specially programmed to make use of Kontakt 3’s powerful KSP scripting engine. Also included are 50 high quality loops recorded by professional New York studio keyboardists. All loops are in Live Clip, Apple Loops and Kontakt format.

Puremagnetik employs a subscription model for their offerings. More information on Puremagnetik Model-C and Ampak.

Author: FutureMusic

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