MHC Releases Ambient Drums

MHC has released Ambient Drums, a drum plug-in which features 12 drum pads, a search application, and pre-defined ambient drum kits for Windows.

The VST plug-in includes a default soundpack with over 700 ambient drum samples. There are three optional soundpacks which upgrade the plugin, giving the user 1024 presets to explore, 120 preprogrammed drum kits and over 2000 ambient drum samples to use.

The plug-in has a traditional synth section, including a resonant filter, filter envelope, amp envelope, pitch modulation and an effect section. The effect section features 130 different effect modes, including a variety of filter banks, flanger, resonator, pitch shifter etc. Effects may be layered or crossfaded and they may be modulated by a multi shape LFO.

The 12 drum pads/sounds are velocity sensitive and velocity may control amp (volume) of filter cutoff. Velocity may be switched off entirely as well, for precis programming of drum levels.

The drum search application may be invoked from the plug-in or it may be used as a stand alone application to maintain any drum sample collection on the user’s hard disk. The drum search application is used to edit kits and to search for the right drum sounds.

MHC’s Ambient Drums costs $199 and is available as a VST plug-in for Windows. More information on MHC Ambient Drums.

Author: FutureMusic

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