Shure Targets Hong Kong Earphone Counterfeiters

Shure, one of the biggest victims of Asian counterfeiting efforts, continues to make inroads to stop nefarious manufacturers from selling dodgy imitations of its products. The company recently began targeting not only manufacturing hubs, but also retailers. Recently, Shure uncovered and stopped the sales of counterfeit headphones bearing its name in Hong Kong’s popular electronics marketplace, Apliu Street in Shamshuipo.

Shure investigated several retailers on Apliu Street and the surrounding streets to identify outlets that sold counterfeit Shure earphones. To their chagrin, Shure found counterfeit Shure E2 and E4 Sound Isolating Earphones, which the Company discontinued in September 2007. Priced between $30 to $90HKD, the counterfeits resembled actual Shure products, but reportedly, closer inspection proved that they were counterfeit.

“Our customers are at a risk of being taken advantage of by these illegal traders who continue to infringe on our brand,” said Ray Crawford, Managing Director of Shure Asia Limited. “It is our responsibility as a manufacturer to aggressively pursue these criminals who seek to deceive our customers. Educating them against the purchase of counterfeit products is one way.”

Music companies from Shure to Waves have recently taken it upon themselves to police the marketplace in order preserve the integrity of their brands, as well as thwart rampant piracy.

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Author: FutureMusic

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