Napster Launches DRM-Free MP3 Downloads

Napster has launched what it’s claiming to be the world’s largest DRM-free MP3 download store with a catalog of more than 6 million songs.

Most of the songs available on the store sell for $0.99 each, with most albums selling for $9.95. “We’re now moving from under the DRM cloud,” said Chris Gorog, Napster chief executive. “Now consumers can use Napster with any device.” The move makes Napster the latest high-profile DRM-free music download store to have the blessing of the major labels, which has been maneuvering to lessen Apple’s dominant position in the industry.

Despite the success of the download-to-own model, Napster will still support its subscription service, which it believes will grow as people become more aware of it. Said Gorog, “We believe ultimately that consumers will be moving to an unlimited music model.”

Author: FutureMusic

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