Judge Recommends RIAA To Pay $107,834 Reimbursement For Andersen’s Legal Fees

A United States Magistrate Judge recommended the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to pay $107,834 for fees incurred by Tanya Andersen to defend the lawsuit brought upon her for allegedly trading music illegally. The courts originally approved the payment of lawyer fees in October, 2007, but took six months to come up with a dollar amount.

Most of the accused copyright infringers settle out-of-court via the RIAA’s “Drive Thru” scenario, however Tanya Andersen decided to defend herself against the allegations. The RIAA ended up dropping the case, but Andersen sued to be reimbursed for her immense legal bill. She won, and now the RIAA must pay.

“Andersen should be awarded attorney fees in the amount of $103,175,” the judge decided, and “Andersen’s Bill of Costs in the amount of $4,659 should also be approved.” The recommendation is now being presented to a US District Judge for approval, and objections are due by May 27th.

In fact, Andersen is countersuing the RIAA on a number of issues, which are still pending. See Related:
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Author: FutureMusic

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