AudioWarrior Announces Studio SilverTone Electric Guitar Plug-in For Mac & PC

Audiowarrior has announced the SilverTone’63 Electric Guitar Plug-in, an auto-strumming emulation of the original guitar developed by Dan Electro for Sears & Roebuck. The plug-in features samples of the 1963 Hornet body guitar and the included “Amp-In-Case” 50 watt amp, with the original 4 Silvertone tubes, dual lipstick pickups, and a Phillips paper cone speaker.

Using any MIDI keyboard, the user can play Wah-Wah leads, Surf-Guitar, Spy-Guitar, DIVE BOMBS or use the Auto-Strum feature with the included and dedicated iStrum MIDI Patterns. This legendary electric guitar with its easily recognizable bell-like character is now available for the first time with automatic strumming for any computer musician.

Automatic Strumming Midi Patterns
Twenty dedicated iStrum MIDI strumming patterns for use with the included AudioWarrior Pat Pending 85 G-Mapped chords, the first in a new series for a total of 1700 iStrum auto-strumming chord combinations, 3400 iStrum auto-strumming chord combinations when used in pairs. iStrum MIDI files are 4 bars each and can be tempo adjusted +/- to fit your Master Tempo while maintaining the original pitch and feel.

Manual or Automatic
Users can employ the auto-strum iStrum MIDI files, or literally strum the individually pre-programmed chords manually with the included 1mm nylon guitar pick on any non-weighted keyboard for effective and convincing guitar chord strumming.

Songwriting Tool
iStrum does all the work by looping any strummable chord at the tempo you choose while you work out lyrics, drums, bass, keyboard, and more. Create effective and convincing strumming guitar parts as easy as importing the iStrum MIDI files into your preferred sequencer. You can further edit any MIDI parameter such as note position, pitch, velocity, volume.

Personal Guitar Teacher
iStrum teaches you guitar chords, how the chords should sound when strummed, strumming patterns, the individual notes of the chords, pitch recognition, intro to MIDI programming, sound sweetening, and more, all from from one easy to use extremely affordable library; even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before.

» 85 G-Mapped chords for use with iStrum MIDI patterns
» Defaults to 79 BPM strumming. Increase/decrease BPM as needed. (iStrum MIDI patterns are 4 bars each)
» +/- the BPM without changing pitch
» iStrum MIDI patterns work with all “G-Mapped” chords including the AW Acoustic Dreadnought Strummer and the » AW Acoustic 12 String
» Chromatic patches

Dan Electro brand of guitars and amplifiers made famous by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins, Beck, and more.

The SilverTone’63 is available as an AudioUnit, VSTi, ReWire, and Standalone Plug-in for Windows XP, Vista, and MAc OS X 10.4 and higher for use in either standalone or in any multi-track recording software that supports plug-ins such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonor, Logic.

The AudioWarrior Studio SilverTone Electric Guitar Plug-in for Mac and PC is available now for $49. More information on the AudioWarrior Studio SilverTone Electric Guitar Plug-in via AudioWarrior’s horrendous website.

Author: FutureMusic

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