3G iPhone Rumors Reach Deafening Levels

We’ve been a little reluctant to discuss the new 3G iPhone rumors, but in case you’re dying to know the latest details, here’s what’s currently circulating the bowl:

» The new 3G iPhone will support 3G. Likely
» Rumors are that AT&T plans to subsidize $200 of the total price of the 3G iPhone with a 2 year contract bringing the price down to $199. This sounds unlikely to us.
» The new 3G iPhone will incorporate true GPS technology. Likely
» The new 3G iPhone will be slimmer and smaller. Not much of a reach here…Likely
» The new 3G iPhone will have a revised headphone jack that is not recessed. Hopefully
» The new 3G iPhone will debut on June 27th. Hopefully

The real action for Mobile Music aficionados will be in the form of the new batch of iPhone software that will also be released in June. What music apps will debut has been the source of much speculation, but various controllers for popular mixing software, such as Ableton and maybe Traktor are likely.

Author: FutureMusic

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