Eiosis Announces E2Transienter

Eiosis has announced the E²Transienter, a simple, yet powerful approach to transient processing for Mac and PC.

The E²Transienter is based on a patented architecture and parameter combination, which allows detecting and processing transients independently. You can quickly get a wide range of settings, from simple attack enhancement, to complex mix adjustments thanks to the advanced parameters. The included presets let you easily and immediately get the settings suited to your needs. You can then adjust the parameters to get exactly the sound you are searching for.

The E²Transienter brings transient processing to a new level. It allows not only processing attacks like other transient processors, but it also allows selecting, processing and equalizing the transients inside a specific frequency range, i.e. to “catch” specific attacks very precisely with great responsiveness.

On buss tracks, you can use it for drum mixes to slightly enhance the attack brightness, or on a whole mix to process attacks inside a specific frequency range. For example, you can reduce the presence of a snare drum or a hi-hat without using compression, enhance some details of the stereo side signal, or add low end to the kick drum, etc…

The E²Transienter can be more simply defined as an attack equalizer. The three basic filters types (Bell, Shelf and Low Pass) can be adjusted in frequency and resonance, and the special Loudness filter lets you quickly adjust the loudness contour of the attacks to easily enhance or reduce their presence inside the mix.

The E²Transienter detection section includes advanced stereo options, which helps you to enhance, fix and transform stereo attacks in a unique and flexible way. The transient detection and processing can be done in L/R or M/S modes: the stereo section parameters allow gradually selecting L or R channels for detection, mono or wide processing, processing only Mid signals, reversing the phase, etc.

The E²Transienter is very flexible and lets you express your creativity in a very easy and efficient way. You can produce gate effects, compression effects, and many combined effects with all the features and setup capabilities of the E¬≤Transienter.

The Eiosis E²Transienter will be available in May 2008, no pricing has been announced. It will come in the following flavors: TDM / AU / RTAS formats for Mac (iLok required) and VST / RTAS / AU formats for Mac and PC (Syncrosoft required). More information on the Eiosis E²Transienter.

Author: FutureMusic

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