Native Instruments Revamps User Interface For Reaktor 6

As you can tell from our Native Instruments Reaktor review, we’re big fans of this powerful modular synthesis program. However, if there’s one serious drawback to the software, it’s the Mt. Everest steep learning curve.

Native Instruments has gone to great pains to make the program more “accessible” over the years by making the software more efficient, but to the uninitiated, it can be downright frightening. Now comes word that NI is refining the graphical interface and methodology so that even first time users can start creating their own sounds and taking advantage of Reaktor’s excellent effects.

The new Reaktor interface will reportedly be more “Lego-esque” with simplified building blocks of sound, and more intuitive patching. As we stated in our 2006 review, we’re hoping that this also translates to the effects section. Using Reaktor solely as an effects processor is a secret weapon in the arsenal of many producers.

(If NI’s product cycles standup, look for a Reaktor 6 by the summer. –Ed.)

Author: FutureMusic

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