Holophone Announces N-CODE – Portable Dolby Pro Logic II Encoder

Holophone has announced the N-CODE, a portable, multi-channel and Dolby Pro Logic II encoder.

Intended for larger remote productions requiring surround recordings, the Holophone N-CODE takes six channels of audio from the H2-PRO or H3-D (Holophone’s surround sound microphone rigs) and converts them to two channels using Dolby’s Pro Logic II technology, allowing 5.1-channel surround sound audio to be captured or transmitted to a stereo recoding device, or broadcast over the existing stereo infrastructure. This allows users to work within the current technologies available while still being able to create a surround recording.

The N-CODE features six XLR/quarter-inch inputs with mic/line selection. The N-CODE also comes equipped with two XLR outputs which connect the encoder to the recording device or transmission line to a remote broadcast truck. The N-CODE provides 48v of phantom power through six microphone pre-amps and is battery powered for portable applications.

Stereo recordings made with the Holophone N-CODE can be converted back to 5.1 surround sound using the company’s new Holophone D-CODE multichannel decoder. A recording device is connected to the D-CODE’s inputs and it converts the two channels encoded by the N-CODE into six discrete channels of audio decoded which are delivered via six RCA outputs or multichannel USB to the user’s computer. These files can then be edited as multichannel audio and synced with video in a standard editing program such as Apple’s Final Cut Studio, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere.

More information on the Holophone N-CODE.

Author: FutureMusic

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