Linear Acoustic Releases UPMAX:neo

Linear Acoustic has released the UPMAX:neo 2-channel to 5.1-channel surround upmixer is now shipping. Based on the award-winning upMAX 2251 product, the new UPMAX:neo shrinks the footprint to a compact, roadworthy1RU chassis. Additional upmixing choices are added to the original upMAX algorithm for increased flexibility in post production applications. Metadata input is standard, along with GPI inputs to control upmixing.

• Creates an infinitely adjustable multichannel “surround-field”
• UPMAX and Linear Acoustic-tuned DTS neo:6 algorithm
• Optional metadata generation
• Optional remote volume and mute controls
• Requires only one rack unit of space

The Linear Acoustic UPMAX:neo 5.1 Channel Surroundfield Synthesizer uses proprietary processing to create an infinitely adjustable multichannel signal that is completely downmix compatible. The UPMAX:neo also provides the most effective and compatible solution for integrating legacy two-channel material into today’s 5.1-channel programs.

In addition to the industry standard UPMAX algorithm, the UPMAX:neo also includes a Linear Acoustic-tuned version of the DTS neo:6 algorithm. The unit can be controlled via contact closures applied to the GPIO port or via applied audio metadata. Optional metadata generation allows 5.1 audio and accompanying Dolby-standard metadata to be easily created. The Analog Output option provides eight channels of balanced audio capable of output up to +24dBu. The Remote option gives the user the added convenience of adjusting volume and mute functions via remote control. In addition to metadata generation, future options will include HD-SDI audio and VANC metadata de-embedding and re-embedding.

Available options include an eight-channel monitoring grade balanced analog output with remote volume, mute, and return to reference inputs. Future options will include software remote control, built-in metadata generation and HD-SDI I/O allowing for embedding and de-embedding of audio channels.

Linear Acoustic’s UPMAX:neo is now available. More information about Linear Acoustic UPMAX:neo.

Author: FutureMusic

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