Schaack Upgrades Transient Shaper To Version 2.0

Schaack has upgraded Transient Shaper to version 2.0. Transient Shaper, for both Mac and PC, is a plub-in that enables the user to simply contour the dynamics with only two knobs. The processor allows a wide range of sonic manipulation according to Schaack from hard gates to soft compressors.

The new version features analog saturation, three Attack shapes and three Release shapes, but sucks down more CPU cycles than Version 1.11, so Schaack has decided to keep version 1.11 afloat.

Enhancements and New Features:
• 3 different Attack shapes (sharp/mid/soft)
• 3 different Release shapes (sharp/mid/soft)
• Smoothed parameters (to avoid zipper noise when turning the knobs)
• Analog saturation (for smoothly cutting off the ‘head’ of too sharp transients or using Transient Shaper for plain saturation)

Schaack’s Transient Shaper 2.0 costs $84.57 / €49.00 and is available now in the Windows VST and Mac OS X AU flavors. A demo is available. More information on Schaack Transient Shaper 2.0.

Author: FutureMusic

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