xoxos Releases Hyperion – Algorithmic MIDI Note Generator For Windows

xoxos has released Hyperion, a semi-modular, scaled and algorithmic MIDI note generator for Windows that is suitable for a wide range of applications from live performance to automated composition. Hyperion produces glissandos or subtly varying sequences for up to three parts on three separate MIDI channels using a simple chord function. LFOs, sequencers and counters are used to easily create dynamic MIDI sequences and change them on...

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TestDrive: M-Audio EX66 Nearfield Monitors

M-Audio recently sent over their EX66 nearfield monitors for us to TestDrive. Although the monitors have been around for about a year, the EX66’s push M-Audio beyond their budget monitoring options and into a new price point for the concern. It’s obvious that M-Audio wanted to make a statement with the EX66’s. Not only do they incorporate provocative new technology and features, but they also utilize a dual woofer...

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