Sharper Image Unveils beamz – Laser Music Performance System

The Sharper Image has unveiled beamz, a 19″ tall “music performance system” that utilizes laser beams to trigger sounds. (But can you use it as a MIDI controller?? —Ed.) The beamz system has a “W” shape, with six laser beams spanning the two sections. Apparently, you connect the beamz to your computer via USB, hook up some speakers, and you’re in business.

The computer interface allows the user to choose any of 30 included songs in 19 musical genres for laying down a complementary rhythm track. The beamz library includes original works in jazz, bluegrass, classical, hip-hop, reggae, heavy metal and more.

Breaking the laser beams with your hands automatically generates pre-authored pulses, streams, riffs or loops of musical notes or sounds from an incredible variety of instruments from around the world — guitars, steel guitar, strings of all types, percussion, keyboards, winds, even cowbell. (Yes!! More Cowbell!!! —Ed.)

Sharper Image’s beamz includes the necessary Windows software and a USB cable, costs $599 and will be available in April. A 90-day warranty is included, but may be meaningless since Sharper Image is in Chapter 11. More information on the Sharper Image beamz.

Author: FutureMusic

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