Weekend Fun: As My Guitar Gently Vibrates

Thanks to technology, the days of your girlfriend straddling your Peavey 6505 for a little extra “impact” while you practice Running With The Devil are a thing of the past. Some nutters over NOTCOT, decided to hook up their Les Paul to a to a VOX Amplug and and a OhMiBod self pleasure device. The OhMiBod is designed to activate when an iPod is attached to its minijack, thus timing the vibrations to the music. But what if you you attached your Guitar instead??

“Ok ok, hear me out. The VOX AmPlug is perfect for electric guitarists who want to hear that beautiful full bodied sound through headphones. The OhMiBod and the more attractive and enticing new Gspot vibrate to the music connected through a headphone cable… Connect the two together, and its an interesting way to seriously touch someone through the music you PLAY.”

We don’t make this stuff up lads!

Author: FutureMusic

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