Thanko Debuts Human-Powered MP3 Player

Thanko has announced the perfect MP3 player for people stranded on a desert island. (Finally, Wilson has some competition! —Ed.) What the Thanko “Cranko” (our name. —Ed.) lacks in looks and size, it makes up for in survival.

With 1GB of storage, you can listen to the same 250 MP3 and/or WMA songs over and over again, so you better make sure you load up some Show Tunes for yuks. Thanko claims that you can score ten minutes of listening for just one minute of cranking. In addition, it has an LED flashlight so you can find your way back to your beach shanty after scrounging up, yet another, shellfish dinner.

The Thanko Cranko Cranking MP3 Player will set you back $63 and is available now. More information on the Thanko Cranko.

Author: FutureMusic

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