Samplebase Premiers Four New Soundblocks

Samplebase has premiered four new Soundblocks, Scat Queen, Microbeats, World Percussion — India 1, and Amazing Grace.

The first collection is “Scat Queen” – recorded by Jazz vocalist Dee Dee McNeil. Featuring over 200 unique vocal scats, phrases, and one-shots, these freestyle vocal phrases are arranged conveniently into multis by tempo/key, and by tempo/1st syllable. (90, 100, and 127 BPM) It’s up to the user to decide whether to play them dry or adjust the Mod Wheel to add a bit of reverb/delay.

“Microbeats” delivers high quality, micro-edited rhythms developed with cutting-edge audio manipulation tricks. In the vein of such artists as The Glitch Mob and Modeselektor, Microbeats delivers a set of stuttering and computer controlled beats, with extra attention given to clear transient-response and wide frequency sounds, utilizing the entire audio spectrum. These complex clicks, cuts, synth tones, snares and kicks melt into interesting grooves, providing ear candy for dance and pop production. This SoundBlock includes 50 sliced loops, in tempos that range from 120-170 BPM.

“World Percussion — India 1” is the second of two Asian Percussion SoundBlocks within I/O’s “Ethnic Percussion” series. It contains over 40 unique loops and velocity-sensitive hits that can be performed with or without effects within Satellite. Like every I/O collection, each sound was recorded with class-A gear, and each instrument was played by a master percussionist who specializes in performing these instruments. This SoundBlock is arranged conveniently into multi menus by instrument type and also contains individual velocity-sensitive patches for each instrument. The following instruments are included: Bones, Dholak, Egg Shaker, Kanjira, and Tabla.

The fourth collection is a new bluegrass construction kit on Samplebase, dubbed “Amazing Grace,” that contains one Bluegrass song with multiple variations and parts for each instrument. It includes 3 acoustic bass, 4 acoustic guitar, 8 dobro, 6 fiddle, and 6 mandolin loops — all recorded at 50 BPM in the key of D and, like all other Samplebase SoundBlocks, can be time-stretched and pitch-shifted within Satellite. The first multi in this SoundBlock contains one pre-constructed mix, with multiple intros, outros, verses, and solos, that users can trigger individually from their keyboards. Other menus provide flexible multi-track mix possibilities.

Samplebase’s Scat Queen costs $39; Microbeats is $29; World Percussion — India 1 drops for $29; and Amazing Grace Bluegrass/Gospel will set you back $19; all are available now via direct download. More information on the Samplebase Soundblocks.

Author: FutureMusic

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