Drumming, Sampling, Jamming Robot

We know, we know, what’s up with all the music robot action on It’s A Beta World this week? Well, we think it’s pretty cool, and we are FutureMusic fer chrissakes!

Anywhoo, Let’s Make Robots is showcasing their new drumming robot, which plays on any object it finds worth playing. The robot then samples itself with the built-in microphone, and then – get this! – plays a new complementary riff, creating a dynamic drum jam.

• Built-in Navigation
• Data collection
• obstacles avoidance system
• Locates items something “worth playing on” (a single isolated object or a wide flat surface that it can find an angle onto)
• Plays some beats on what it have found, and samples this, checking it has a “good sound”
• Based on data collected in the area, and sample just made, then compose a little rhythm, and plays this along with the sample

Sick! Imagine the inventors making a whole slew of these robots and then unleashing them in an environment with tons of kitchen percussion instruments so they can jam with each other? Ooh, what if you networked them to all play along to a particular rhythm and each add their own variations? Probably much more listenable than one of those Hippy Hack Fest drum circles you see in the parking lot at Jam Band concerts. The inventors should definitely be talking to the Blue Man Group here…

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Author: FutureMusic

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