Finally… Why Monster Cables Are So Expensive

Joy Of Tech has finally figured out why Monster cables cost so much more money than regular cables, or coat hangers. The coat hanger reference stems from some unofficial test where six “audiophiles” were placed in a room sporting a high-end Martin Logan SL-3 speaker set rated at 75dB / 1000KHz. The puppet masters conducting the test switched the speaker connections between Monster 1000 cables and coat hangers soldered with cable connections.

The group was blindfolded and 7 songs were reportedly played while the testers swapped the Monsters and coat-hangers. According to reports, “after 5 tests, none could determine which was the Monster 1000 cable or the coat hanger wire.” Now here’s the kicker: none of the audiophiles knew that one of the cables being tested was actually coat hangers, and when they found out, hilarity ensued.

Now those cheeky blokes at Joy Of Tech have finally revealed why Monster puts such a premium price on their cables:

Are High Priced Cables Worth The Money?

Author: FutureMusic

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