SPL Announces New Rackpack Modules

SPL has announced several new modules for their attractive Rackpack modular system in addition to the two preamps and the transient designer that were released last year. The new additions include a Deesser, the Twintube, the Dynamaxx, the Phonitor, the Frontliner, and a couple of specifically-tasked EQ modules.

EQ modules:

The EQ modules are designed as passive, graphical EQs and optimized to certain instruments or processing ranges: center frequencies, amplitudes and bandwidths are adjusted to the specific task, and each filter is based upon individually selected coils. The full Ranger module is the necessary exception in this concept. With ISO frequencies to process the whole frequency range, the full ranger can be used as as a versatile addition to the specialized versions.

Soundwise it makes a lot of sense to optimize the EQ modules to their tasks, but it also allows to configure highly specialized EQ systems without having to decide for a final state — there is always the option to upgrade an existing package with further EQ modules. SPL already announced further specialized modules, i. e. For processing of lead instruments and drums. Availability: June 2008.

Twintube module:

The Twintube module is a tube effects processor to apply typical tube sound effects to any signal. Tube saturation can be regulated to add subtle to heavy harmonic tube distortions for more punch and rougher sounds. The harmonics control allows for moving signals up front in a mix or to ennoble the top end in general with the nice touch of tube harmonics. Both effects can be used separately or simultaneously and in common. SPL recommends studio and live applications primarily in single track processing. Availability: May 2008.

Deesser module:

Just like the standalone version, the de-esser module for the rackpack system is based upon phase cancellation. An additional feature of the module is a manual frequency control in the range from 4.5 to 9 kHz, which can be used alternatively to the standard auto sibilance detection. Availability: June 2008.

Dynamaxx module:

The simplicity of the dual-channel standalone dynamaxx version also characterizes the new rackpack module: with just two controls, compression and make up gain, the Dynamaxx surprises with its disarmingly simple user interface. According to SPL, developer vincenzo triolo has done a great job when he transferred the original circuits to the extremely compact module format — controversies about the better version are still going on at SPL. Availability: June 2008.

Phonitor: 120v headphone monitoring amplifier

SPLs innovative product history is reason enough to expect new ideas when their engineers engage themselves in a new issue, and the field of headphone amplifiers with the brandnew phonitor as the result of SPL’s development engagement makes no exception. The name already implies the key feature: SPL announces that with the Phonitor headphones become a full alternative to monitoring speakers.

To allow for control of sound impressions comparable to speakers in a room, the Phonitor offers new parameters such as crossfeed, speaker angle and center level. Based upon SPL’s unique 120 v technology which was initially developed for their mastering product series, the Phonitor aims at high-end users to fulfill highest demands in sound quality. It is SPL’s flagship of a new sort of headphone amps they call headphone monitoring amplifiers. The company plans to launch further units in standard technology soon, e. g. A Rackpack module.
Availability: May 2008.

Frontliner: recording channel and compact analog processing rack

SPL’s new channel strip combines preamp, de-esser, compressor, EQ and tube output for a fully featured recording channel. But often the particular stages would also be a great addition to an engineers mixing tools arsenal — and that is why spl has spent dedicated I/Os to the sections of the new frontliner. Each stage can be used separately and for example be routed via a patchbay to insert the whole toolbox into a studio environment. The Frontliner features a hybrid, class a preamp design with discrete solid state stage and a tube section with switchable drive settings. It is positioned as the top of the line product in SPL’s range of channel strips. Availability: October 2008.

More information on the SPL Rackpack Modules.

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