BTE Audio Releases PEQ2 Equalization Algorithm With Air Band

BTE Audio has released a new equalization algorithm dubbed PEQ2 for Windows-based products. The PEQ2 is a performance digital equalization algorithm that simulates the sound and feel of rare program equalizers from the mid 1990s with processing efficiency.

Featuring a unique architecture which minimizes phase shift and the industry’s first “air band”, the PEQ2 is targeted at desktop and embedded professional audio applications.

• Extremely High Processing Efficiency.
• Supports sampling frequencies up to 384 kHz.
• Clickless parameter update.
• Proprietary topology which is optimized for low latency, low noise and high dynamic range.
• Supports both 32 bit (single precision) and 64 bit (double precision) floating-point processing.
• Clearly and concisely implemented in pure C++: portable to any platform that is supported by a C++ compiler.

More information on the BTE Audio PEQ2 equalization algorithm.

Author: FutureMusic

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