Solid State Logic Unveils Matrix Superanalogue Mixer

Solid State Logic unveiled their anticipated Matrix Superanalogue Mixer, a 16 channel, 40 input mixing console with built-in signal router and multi-layer digital workstation control. The not just analogue, but Superanalogue, has been hyped by SSL for for some time, so it wasn’t a major surprise, but the concern did announce official pricing which will open up the famed SSL sound to a whole new market. SSL claims the Superanalogue was “designed to bring the soul of analogue sound into the process of digital workflow by providing the tools to work effectively in both domains simultaneously.”

Main Features:
• 16 Channel Console with Dual Summing Inputs, Aux Sends and additional returns
• More than 40 summed inputs to Mix output
• 16+1 Fader, 4 Layer DAW Controller using Ethernet connection. This provides single cable, high speed workstation control for most popular DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic, Live and Reason.
• Integrated, recallable, software controlled 32x16x16 analogue routing matrix. Eliminates the need for external patchbays, bringing outboard analog processing into DAW workflow.
• Powerful monitoring with independent Main & Mini monitor outputs, Artist Monitor output with independent EQ and source selection, three External Monitor inputs with source summing and front panel iJack input.
• A Mac and Windows compatible application that provides platform independent project management and routing control, this includes FX chains and routing set-ups to simplify patching outboard units through the router.

The name Matrix is derived from its unique, software controlled integrated SuperAnalogue router. This manages the sends and returns of up to 16 analogue outboard processor units together with the assignment of the console’s channel strip inputs and insert points. By using the Matrix Java control panel software, any combination of outboard gear can be rapidly inserted into any of your console channels, essentially giving you the ability to run your outboard as analogue plug-ins with your DAW.

Matrix has sophisticated workstation control capabilities, including a Ethernet connection which eases the cabling process and provides control over up to four workstations from the same control surface. This enables users who use a creative suite of Rewired applications such as Logic and Reason, to simply switch control from one to another at a single button press. It’s also portable enough to take wherever the creativity happens.

The Solid State Logic Matrix Superanalogue Mixer will be available worldwide in May 2008, and cost $25,995 / £12,500. More information on the Solid State Logic Matrix Superanalogue Mixer.

Author: FutureMusic

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