Saltline Releases Cadence, Jekyll & Ichi – Free Windows Plug-Ins

Saltline has released three new products, Cadence, Jekyll, and Ichi for Windows. Saltline’s website is horrendous, so it’s hard to give you specifics, but Cadence and Jekyll are two new VST effect plug-ins, and Ichi is a VSTi virtual analog synth. Cadence is an LFO controlled filter and pan effect, and Jekyll is some sort of circuit bent delay effect. It’s up to you to figure out the rest… Saltline’s...

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Vintage Ad Monday Madness: Roland CR-78

FutureMusic’s Vintage Ad Monday Madness continues with this gem from Roland. This black and white special declares “you’re only limited by your own imagination” — that, and of course the 14 sounds… The preset disco rhythms must have been a big selling point since they dedicate eight of the 34 just for that genre – oh, how times have changed, except for the fact that Roland’s ads today look...

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