Korg Updates OASYS OS To Version 1.3 & KARMA To 2.1

Korg has announced several enhancements to for their OASYS flagship synth. First out of the gate, is an update to the OASYS operating system. Version 1.3 features a new form of synthesis, significant user-requested features for KARMA and new system enhancements.

OASYS Version 1.3 Enhancements:
• The new EXi MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM synthesizer, included as a demo version, which takes a classic form of synthesis and creates highly expressive cutting-edge digital synthesis sounds. This semi-modular synthesizer combines Variable Phase Modulation (VPM), waveshaping, ring modulation, PCM sample playback/manipulation and subtractive synthesis in a flexible design that goes from creating classic 6-operator FM sounds to wildly imaginative and expressive new sonic capabilities.
New system functionality, including the ability to load and unload EXs expansion sample sets without restarting the OASYS; the ability to transpose EXi expansion instruments in a dual Program for great flexibility; and separate “smoothing” parameters in Step Sequencers for attack and decay, for creating more complex tonal changes.
• KARMA version 2.1, a significant upgrade, with many interface and workflow improvements. Also of note is added support for User GEs (KARMA patterns, called Generated Effects), and the creation and editing of GE data via external “KARMA OASYS” software available from www.karma-lab.com. The new MOD-7 programs include over 60 newly created GEs, with room for 1,536 new GEs.
The new operating system, including the demo version of the EXi MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer, is currently available as a free download. The demo version is fully functional with only a periodic fading in and out behaviour which can be disabled by purchasing an unlock code for $249.00.

Korg also released the new EXs-3 Brass and Woodwind Expansion Library. It provides over 700MB of expressive, natural-sounding brass and woodwind instruments which Korg say are perfect for pop and classical/film score applications. A free demo version is available to registered OASYS owners and an unlock code for full functionality is available for $149.00.

More information on Korg OASYS Version 1.3, KARMA 2.1 and the EXs-3 Expansion Library.

Author: FutureMusic

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