Sony Channels Captain Nemo For PFR-V1 Personal Field Speakers

Sony kind of freaked us out with this new product announcement: the PFR-V1 personal field speakers. These steampunk’d headphones are what Sony is calling the “marriage between headphones and speakers…the PFR-V1 personal field speakers are designed to create a listening field around your ears.” In today’s world with some truly sweet earphones and headphones available for professionals and consumers, we’re struggling to find a position for these puppies in the market.

Music is projected through two 1-inch, die-cast aluminum speakers that are connected with a headband made of light-weight duralumin metal. When you place the band on your head, the speakers appear to float in front of your ears. (…and this is a good thing?? —Ed.) The silicone rubber fittings on the band position the speakers about a half inch from your outer ear and direct the front of the speakers toward your ear canal. The AA battery powered speakers deliver mid- and high-range audio frequencies in a field of sound aimed toward the outer ear, while the bass frequency sound is delivered directly to the ear canal via the extended bass reflex ducts. By placing the speaker unit outside the ear and delivering the audio from multiple directions, you get the sense that music is being played directly in front of you — similar to the experience of being in a concert hall.

The Sony PFR-V1 personal field speakers will be available in April for about $500.

Author: FutureMusic

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