Ecler Makes EVO4 Official

Ecler has officially announced the EVO4, their new 4 channel mixer that we’ve been telling you about for the past few weeks. The EVO 4 will make its premier at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, and then at the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

The four-channel EVO4 incorporates the latest digital audio technology with 24 bit stereo A/D and D/A converters and 96 kHz sampling rate. The mixer is powered with 25 assignable MIDI controls on channels 1 to 4 and a dedicated MIDI panel with 4 rotary and push encoders. However, the EVO4’s Jedi Power is a double effects processor at 24 bit 96 kHz. Processors EFFECTS 1 and EFFECTS 2 are placed on each side of the mixer for an intuitive and ergonomic use, and both of them feature DRY/WET crossfader and 3 parameter controls. Both processors feature 18 sound effects, including different kind of filters, delays, beat crusher, sweep, flanger, phaser and loop sampler with automatic beat detection, to name a few. (…You heard about this here first kiddies! —Ed.)

Last but not least, the EVO4 is equipped with an output limiter protected with password for a safe use of the PA system, as well as extra large ergonomic EQ knobs, loop to external effects units, faders and crossfader shape adjustment and much more.

The Ecler EVO4 will be available next June, pricing has not been announced. More information on the Ecler EVO4 mixer.

Author: FutureMusic

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