Weekend Fun: mi Jam Pocket Instruments

b2, makers of quirky music gadgets, has released the mi Jam collection of hand-held instrument gadgets including the mi Jam Mini Guitar, mi Jam Mini Mixer, mi Jam Mini Drumpad and the mi Jam Mini Keyz. Each pocket-sized, mi Jam Mini can be played on its own, or you can jam along with an external sound source such as an iPod. The mi Jam Minis have tempo and volume control, and can be played using headphones or with external speakers.

The mi Jam Mini Drumpad includes a snare, bass drum, tom tom and cymbals. It has built-in rhythms, which allow you to accompany the beats, or you can play the pads individually. The mi Jam Mini Keyz is a miniature keyboard with key icons, it contains a basic sequencer that allows you to tap in the notes to a basic rhythm to create melodies.

The mi Jam Mini Guitar is a mini guitar which plays riffs and chords, and is played by placing a finger on the mini fret board and then strumming to produce a sound. The mi Jam Mini Mixer features a range of built in scratch effects that allow you to Wiki-Wiki over your favorite tracks by selecting the effects and then scratching the two discs in either direction with your fingers.

The b2 mi Jam Mini’s cost $20 each. More information on the mi Jam Mini Instruments.

Author: FutureMusic

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