Aviom Premiers 6416M Mic Input Module

Aviom has announced the latest addition to its Pro64 Series of audio distribution products, the 6416m Mic Input Module. The 6416m Mic Input Module delivers 16 mic-level analog inputs to a Pro64 audio network system. Each channel on the 6416m has a continuously variable gain setting, multi-segment signal level LEDs, and individual channel on/off switches. The 6416m supports all valid Pro64 sample rates, from 44.1/48kHz± to 192kHz±.

The 6416m can be remote controlled by adding the RCI Remote Control Interface and MCS Mic Control Surface, also just announced. The 1U RCI provides a network access point and monitor station and accepts the MCS Mic Control Surface, which is used to select and edit any active mic preamp channel anywhere in the network. The Control Group function on the 6416m and RCI allows control of active mic channels to be divided among up to four different simultaneous users and control points.

The 3U-high 6416m Mic Input Module is compatible with all Aviom Pro64 digital audio network products and can be connected to analog or digital output modules, or to the 6416Y2 Yamaha console card in any combination. Aviom’s Virtual Data Cable (VDC) connectivity for GPIO, MIDI, and RS-232, also included on the rear panel of the 6416m Mic input Module, allows users to configure and transmit up to 14 channels of non-audio data throughout the A-Net Pro64 network without compromising audio bandwidth.

Other features include +48V phantom power, low-cut filter, phase invert, and pad per channel. Each 6416m can save 16 mic preamp presets that store all input channel parameters for recall. Mic inputs use balanced XLR connectors; the passive split/auxiliary input connects via DB25 multipins. A-Net audio network connections feature locking EtherCon RJ45 connectors.

Aviom’s 6416M Mic Input Module will be released some time this spring. No pricing has been announced. More information on the Aviom 6416M Mic Input Module.

Author: FutureMusic

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