Wave Arts Updates Power Suite 5 To Version 5.4 – New Sidechain Improvements

Wave Arts has updated their excellent Power Suite 5 product line to version 5.4. The new version features TrackPlug external sidechain improvements, including support for VST.

• Added VST external sidechain support
• Fixed external sidechain bugs (sometimes connection could not be made or would be lost)
• Panorama’s extra HRTF files now show up in menu (Windows)
• Fixed AudioSuite rendering bug – mono files not being processed (Pro Tools)

A new VST plug-in called TrackPlug 5 ExtSC allows external tracks to be routed to TrackPlug as sidechain signals in hosts such as Cubase 4 and Sonar 7.  External sidechaining allows one track’s dynamics to be controlled by the signal of another — for example, engaging a compressor on a bass track whenever a kick drum on other track occurs. External sidechain is now supported in our Audio Unit, VST, RTAS and MAS formats.

The Wave Arts’ Power Suite 5.4 update is free for registered users. More information on the Wave Arts Power Suite 5.4 update.

Author: FutureMusic

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