Sugar-Bytes Releases Effectrix – Effects Sequencer For Mac & PC

Sugar-Bytes has released Effectrix, their new effects sequencer. The mad-scientists at Sugar-Bytes are never too verbose with the descriptions of their innovative products, but this is what we can tell you. Effectrix is a new concept for manipulating effects to create throbbing atmospheres, psychedelic melt-downs and other sound mutations. Sugar-Bytes also believes Effectrix can be used to circuit bend your drum loops. The program for...

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Plogue Updates Bidule To Version 0.965

Plogue has updated Bidule to version 0.965. Bidule is a cross-platform, modular music software application that works great with Ableton’s Live music production software. New Features & Enhancements: • Audio File Recorder: added option to record to multiple stereo files • Group Manager: now allows multiple selection for download/delete of groups • HID Extractor: on loading a file, now tries to at least match the...

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