Da Vinci Audio Labs Premiers AAS Gabriel – DaVinci Turntable

Swiss manufacturer Da Vinci Audio Labs has announced a new version of their AAS Gabriel / DaVinci turntable, made with 24 carat gold and porcelain. The concept behind this extravagant turntable was to design a deck with the same physical properties of a cutting machine that is used to create a master disc for pressing. Whether or not the 24 carat gold adds anything acoustically is up for debate, but it sure increases the Bling factor.

• a highly stable basis
• an acoustically “dead” turntable
• completely silent magnetical bearings
• a pick-up de-coupled from the basis
• own motor and motor control unit
• a stable power supply
• feet from Finite Elemente Cerabase

According to Da Vinci, all these elements come together to form the cornerstone of the aas gabriel / DaVinci turntable, a perfect recreation of the ultimate record cutting machine. Frankly, we think they’re suspect. Anyone who charges ridiculous amounts of money for a turntable, but spends 5 bucks on the development of their website should be examined more closely…

Da Vinci Audio Labs AAS Gabriel / DaVinci turntable costs $41,250. More information on the Da Vinci Audio Labs AAS Gabriel / DaVinci turntable.

Author: FutureMusic

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