Peavey Unleashes ReValver Mk III – Guitar Amp Modeling Software For Mac & PC

Peavey has unleashed ReValver Mk III for Mac and PC, a 64-bit amplifier modeling software that captures the true characteristics of vacuum tubes while allowing users control over their tonality and gain structures. Peavey ReValver Mk III models 15 popular guitar amplifiers, including several Peavey amps, through an exclusive algorithm that analyzes the interactions of the components on the circuit level, based on the amps’ original schematics.

• 15 Tube Amplifiers
• 12 Preamplifiers
• 9 Power amplifiers
• Over 150 Speaker simulations
• 19 Stompboxes
• 11 Effects
• 7 Utility Functions
• Fully MIDI mappable
• Tuner
• VST, AU Compatible
• ASIO/WDM, CoreAudio
• Standalone or Plug-in

As advanced as ReValver’s modeling algorithms are, operating the models can be as simple or in-depth as the user desires. The software GUI is instantly familiar and easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface where users can add and subtract individual components and devices such as amplifiers, preamps, power amps, stomp boxes and effects.

Unlocking ReValver’s groundbreaking customization tools is also easy. By right-clicking on an amp model, users can “go inside” and adjust the amp’s tones and components on the Tweak Module GUI. This allows users to change, add or subtract tubes on all amplifier models, and then calibrate even the voltage parameters of those tubes. In all, users can program more than 15 features on each tube stage, with as many as 17 preamp and power tube types to choose from.

ReValver Mk III also features a stomp-box and effects section including various types of chorus, distortion, wah, tremolo, compression, limiter, delay, octaver and much more. A new FFT-based convolution reverb allows for very complex and smooth reverbs, including sampled spring reverb, and allows users to import their own .WAV samples. Models of Peavey 6505, JSX, Classic, ValveKing and Triple XXX guitar amps are available in ReValver in software format.

Peavey’s ReValver Mk III will be available sometime before April 2008 for $300 in the VST/AU flavors. More information on Peavey ReValver Mk III.

Author: FutureMusic

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