MXL Offers New USB.009-24 USB Mic

MXL Microphones has unveild the new USB.009-24 cardioid condenser microphone. The MXL USB.009-24 features 24-bit A/D and D/A converters with up to 96 kHz recording capability, and is compatible with both USB 2.0 high speed and USB 1.1 protocols.

The MXL USB.009-24 is a true plug and play device designed for both Windows and Mac computers. Simply plug the included USB cable into an available USB port, and the computer will configure itself and the microphone without the need for any special drivers or an external power supply.

The new MXL USB.009-24 is designed as a general purpose studio condenser microphone. It is equally suited for voice applications and recording acoustic instruments, as well as amp miking. The MXL USB.009-24 contains a 32 mm pressure gradient condenser capsule with a gold sputtered diaphragm. The microphone supports recording with sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz.

MXL’s new USB.009-24 offers a 1/8th-inch stereo headphone jack and adjustable level control to monitor recording with zero latency — bypassing the computer entirely. The USB.009-24 has a mix control for adjusting the balance between playback and the source signal via the microphone’s capsule — providing a fully self-contained monitoring solution for multitrack recording. Capping the microphone’s feature set is an analog gain control, for adjusting the level of signal from the capsule that feeds into the computer. With its blue pimp-my-ride LED capsule illumination, the MXL USB.009-24 provides visual confirmation that the microphone is powered and active.

The new cardioid condenser ships with a desktop microphone stand, a mounting clip, a flight case, cleaning cloth, one USB cable, plus an owner’s manual and an applications guide.

The MXL USB.009-24 will cost $399.95 when it bows sometime during the Spring of 2008. More information on the MXL USB.009-24.

Author: FutureMusic

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