Peter Bennett Unleashes BeatBearing Drum-Machine/Sequencer Concept

Peter Bennett, a researcher studying for his Doctorate at the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast, has developed a unique drum-machine/sequencer dubbed The BeatBearing.

Bennett employs a tactile sequencer methodology by utilizing ball bearings in a grid of receptor cups. Each row represents a different sample — kick drum, snare, hi-hat and cowbell — and each cup is an 1/8th note. Sensors in the metal cup inform the brain of the BeatBearing when to trigger the sound. Color-coded visual indicators under each cup, as well as a red scrolling timeline add to the BeatBearing’s overall aesthetic and polish.

Bennett’s projects have targeted new interaction techniques for digital musical instruments, and this simple, yet elegant interface, tells us he’s got a real future in the business.

More information on Peter Bennett’s BeatBearing.

Author: FutureMusic

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