Tone2 Updates Gladiator Soft Synth, Releases Mac Version

Tone2 has updated their Gladiator to version 1.1 for Windows and released a Mac OS X version. To learn more about Tone2 Gladiator, read our original announcement.

New Features & Enhancements:
• The Mac version of Gladiator is available. It is available as universal binary for Intel Mac and Power PC. It supports audio unit (AU) and VST 2.4.
• Improved time for saving/loading songs in Cubase and other hosts.
• Opening the plug-in is 250% faster. When the plugin is started for the first time it creates cache files (.1 .2 .3 .4) within the Gladiator_data directory. These cache files help to improve the performance.
• Drastically reduced the hard disc space for saving songs in Cubase and other hosts (previously 1.5 Mb per instance, now 850 byte).
• Removed a glitch after switching through presets.
• Slightly reduced memory usage.
• LFO1/2 “retrigger off” was renamed to “random phase”
• The word “preprocessing” appears in the HCM windows.
• Improved sound: Very low played oscs have more “treble”.
• Improved sound: IQM light is switched to “light” by default. Gladiator sounds less static.
• Fixed a buffer overflow in the “Time Varismooth” modifier.
• The preset format has changed: Hosts save in chunk format now (fxb/fxp). Gladiator presets are now glp/glb files.

Tone2’s Gladiator costs $199 / €149. More information on Tone2 Gladiator virtual synth.

Author: FutureMusic

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