Mackie Set To Introduce New VLZ3 Mixers & MR Series Monitors

Mackie is readying two new mixers and two new budget monitors for 2008 introduction. The US concern is teeing up the 402-VLZ3 and the 802-VLZ3 Mic/Line mixers to expand their VLZ3 compact mixer lineup. The MR Series is Mackie’s entry level studio monitors for the budget conscious home studio owner, and comes in two models, MR5 and MR8.

Incorporating the same technology as their big brothers in the series, the 402-VLZ3 and 802-VLZ3 are a good choice for someone who wants the overall quality of a 1202-VLZ3, but doesn’t need that many input channels.

The 402- and 802-VLZ3 feature the XDR2 (Extended Dynamic Range) mic preamps, proprietary Active EQ, and modern summing bus architecture to ensure high-headroom, low-noise performance. The ultra-compact, all-steel chassis houses switchable line/Hi-Z instrument inputs, phantom power for use with condenser microphones, and stereo LED meters.

The 402-VLZ3 features 2 mono mic/line channels, a dedicated stereo line channel and an assignable stereo RCA input channel. Mono channels each include an XDR2 preamp, switchable high-pass filter, 2-band EQ and a channel overload LED, and can be hard-panned for stereo applications.

The 802-VLZ3 includes 5 channel strips with 3 XDR2 mic preamps, the Alt 3-4 bus, a pre-/post-switchable aux send, a dedicated stereo aux return, plus a comprehensive control room section.

The MR Monitors feature a baffle molded to minimize diffraction and a waveguide designed to ensure broad, even dispersion, and a smooth transition between highs and lows for a clear image of your mix and an ultra-wide, even sweet spot. The amplifiers feature a proven Class A/B architecture that delivers an ultra-flat frequency response plus the addition of acoustic controls allow you to adjust high frequency and low frequency settings to compensate for room placement.

The MR5 features a 5.25-inch low distortion LF woofer and a 1-inch high-resolution HF tweeter coupled with a high-headroom 55/30W Class A/B bi-amp. The MR8 has an 8-inch steel frame low distortion LF woofer and a 1-inch high-resolution HF tweeter coupled with a high-headroom 100/50W Class A/B bi-amp.

The Mackie MR Series Studio Monitors will be available world-wide in February 2008. The MR5 will cost $199.99 and the MR8 will cost $329.99. The 402-VLZ3 and 802-VLZ3 will be available in the US sometime in February 2008 and internationally in March 2008. The 402-VLZ3 will cost $129.99 and the 802-VLZ3 will set you back $259.99. Mackie does not have any further information on their website at this time.

Author: FutureMusic

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