MacBook Touch Rumors Reaching Boiling Point

It’s no secret, that the rabid Apple dogs in our office have been salivating about the forthcoming MacBook Touch, both in print and by the water-cooler. However, more information is swirling in the ether about a complete MacBook Pro revamp, which is very due for an upgrade. What Steve Jobs will announce at MacWorld on January 15th during his dog’n’pony show keynote is still anyone’s guess, but here’s the latest rundown…

The MacBook Touch subnotebook is now rumored to include a special multitouch trackpad that will allow pinching/spreading and other multi-fingered action. We’d rather see a full-on touch screen, but a more advanced trackpad is certainly not a technical hurdle, especially since the two-fingered scroll is such a great feature.

The sub-notebook is also rumored to be shedding the CD/DVD optical drive to reduce the size and weight of the unit. Not that an optical drive weighs a great deal, but this would help narrow the footprint. An external CD/DVD drive will be included/offered as an accessory for the new portable.

The Future: The MacBook Pro line is definitely due for a refresh, but these latest rumors don’t seem to possess the futuristic “wow-factor” as the iPhone. It seems plausible that the entire Pro line rerub will all include a new multitouch trackpad, instead of just one model. However, if Apple is truly readying a new subnotebook, then we hope that it contains has a full-on multitouch screen, instead of just a small size. With Intel power under the hood, a fully functional version of OS 10.5, and a multitouch screen, the Mac audio community could hold the future of computer music in one hand.

Author: FutureMusic

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