TheTrackShack Launches With Comprehensive Music Downloads – CD, Song, Stems, Lyrics, Sheet Music has officially launched their new online marketplace for musicians and fans to buy and sell CDs, Songs, and Track Stems. Featuring the first ever CD mastered to offer production-level individual song elements, “Bumped Up To First Class” — a new song by Huey Lewis, Edgar Winter, Lenny Pickett, Lydia Pense, and Stephen ‘Doc’ Kupka. The site also allows musicians to offer mix minus ones, videos, lyrics, and sheet music for sale.

“We all know the music industry has changed forever, so we decided to rip-off the rest of the band-aid with the deployment of,” stated Chuck Hansen, CEO. “With ‘TheShack’ we want to show artists and musicians how to make music by the mile, and sell it by the inch.”

In the past, a few artists released special mixes of their tunes to the general public; sometimes with alternate mixes or mixes minus a player. allows artists, musicians, and labels to create a whole new music experience — offering both the original tune, as mastered, and individual instrument stems and mixes, allowing copyright holders to name their own price and set their own terms of use.

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Author: FutureMusic

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